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The Original Author’s Method of Viral Hepatitis Treatment

Several years ago a new effective method of antiviral treatment of acute and chronic viral hepatitis B and C was invented and patented. The medicinal preparation thanks to which hundreds of patients have already completely recovered from viral hepatitis is called «Natrii Hypochloriti». It is widely known in our country and abroad. What kind of medicine is it? And how does it take effect on patients with such serious diseases?

The author of this new method of treatment – Doctor Therapeutist with supreme qualifying category, Doctor Gastroenterologist,  Ph.D. in medicine Roman Gennadievich Myazin is telling about his invention.

General Information

The method of liver diseases treatment with Natrii Hypochloriti is universal. In particular, it influences positively all the elements of pathogenetic chain of hepatitis B and C clinical behaviour. Natrii Hypochloriti provides high antiviral effect  eleminating viral particles thanks to its most evident antioxidantal qualities. At the same time the preparation reduces considerably the liver intoxication by the products of viruses vital activity. Besides, the preparation stimulates the protective systems of organism ( for example, the antioxidant system of liver) for fight against the viral infection. The new method is not expensive and has few contraindications. One course of Natrii Hypochloriti treatment takes only  1,5 -3 weeks.

The Mechanism of Action 

In the human organism Natrii Hypochloriti (NaClO-  ) is synthesized by  macrophages in the process of phagocytosis. Its effect is conditioned by the negative potential of molecules. Being the donor of active oxygen and a powerful  oxidant, Natrii Hypochloriti in the human organism  in the presence of oxidizing substances disintegrates to  active atomic oxygen (O-   ) and Natrii Chloriti (NaCl), and to  Natrii ion (Na+) and Hypochloriti-anion (ClO-  ). Negatevely charged ions react with a great number of  substrata in the human organism which are in biological fluids, on cell membranes and inside them. As the result of oxidation and chlorination of these substrata we can observe  a complex positive influence of Natrii Hypochloriti on patient's organs and systems. Chemically synthesized medicinal preparation «Natrii Hypochloriti» is a full structural analog of natural Natrii Hypochloriti and has all its properties.

The Effects of Medical Use of the Preparation

The medicinal preparation «Natrii Hypochloriti» has a simultaneous medicinal effect on the basic development chains of viral hepatitis B and C and viral cirrhosis as well, as it posesses a wide range of antiviral, detoxicant and antioxidantal effects.

The antiviral effect of Natrii Hypochloriti is realized due to its double influence on viral particles.

Firstly, Hypochloriti-anion freely influences the viral shell, and the destruction of the shell of the viral particle takes place due to the regulation of potassium ion transport as the result of  lipid peroxidation and abnormal lipid-protein interaction. Thus, Natrii Hypochloriti neutralizes a free  hepatitis virus, eliminating viral particles in liver cells and in the blood of patients and demonstrating this way its virulicide effect.

Secondly, an associated effect of Natrii Hypochloriti on viruses of hepatitis by blocking lymphosyte receptors takes place (it is a so called « Hypochloriti defence»). This way, Natrii Hypochloriti prevents the cycle of replication and reproduction of hepatitis viruses in the organism of the patient and proves its viralstatic effect.

Besides its antiviral effect, the medicinal preparation «Natrii Hypochloriti» manifests some other positive effects.

The detoxicant effect of Natrii Hypochloriti is realized due to the fact of its being a powerful  oxidant and at the same time  - an instable compound. Atomic oxygen and Hypochloriti-anion formed from  Natrii Hypochloriti produce additional oxidation of incompletely oxidized products of disintegration and  metabolism and provide  the modeling of detoxicant function of liver due to indirect electrochemical oxidation of toxic agents that helps to avoid the effect of  «protein protection» of toxic metabolites.

Even a single intravenous infusion of Natrii Hypochloriti produces the reduction of levels of average molecules, lipid peroxidation products, bilirubin, blood urea and causes the reduction of erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR). Thus, we can observe a significant decrease of inflammatory reaction in liver tissue provoked by hepatites viruses.

Possessing pronounced oxidizing properties Natrii Hypochloriti doesn't depress but stimulates the antioxidant activity. The patients with the initial low level of antioxidant protection ensymes finally have its reliable increase. Thus, the antioxidant effect of  Natrii Hypochloriti is realized. The using of Natrii Hypochloriti intravenous infusions for patients with endogenous intoxication causes the  enhancement of  protective functions of the organism as the increase of level of antioxidant protection ensymes effectively resists the destructive influence of free radicals on basic products of metabolism. This stimulates immune protective factors of patient's organism.

Everything above-stated favours the improvement of functional state of liver.

Positive effects of Natrii Hypochloriti  on patients remain stable during the period of 1 -5 years and in some cases – much more longer. That was observed not only in our centre but  in many  leading clinics of Russia.

The Synthesis of the Preparation and the Licence for its Use

Our clinic has got  unique equipment for  synthesis of the medicinal preparation «Natrii Hypochloriti». The preparation «Natrii Hypochloriti» used for the treatment of viral hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease and liver cirrhoses got the permission of  Pharmacological  Committee of Russia for its clinical use and underwent the expert examination by Bioethics Committee. We have got all kinds of official authorizing documents for its use on patients. Myazin Roman Gennadievich took out the patient for invention of Russian Federation (as an author and a patentee). The author defended the thesis on the development of methods of Natrii Hypochloriti use in the treatment of patients with  viral hepatitis B, viral hepatitis C, toxic hepatites and liver cirrhoses of different ethiology (on the website you can see the title-pages of the dissertation and of the patent).

In the technological cycle of synthesis of Natrii Hypochloriti and in the schemes of treatment presented in the articles on the site the author has omitted several stages. Without them the antiviral effect of the preparation on hepatitis viruses doesn't manifest. That was done purposely to avoid  stealing of the method.

The use of this method of treatment is possible in any patient care institution (municipal patient care institution, privately-owned  medical centre and so on).

If you are interested you should contact Myazin R.G. on the given telephone number or e-mail. And from the patentee confidant you will have the opportunity to get the license for using of the method of treatment of patients with diffuse liver diseases with Natrii Hypochloriti.

The Treatment

The Natrii Hypochloriti therapy is held according to patented schemes of treatment and in accordance of patient's diagnosis and the results of the comprehensive survey.

The method has practically no side effects and only few contraindications. The procedures look like traditional intavenous dropper injections. One course of treatment lasts 10 -20 days.

The Results of Therapy

Even after one course of  Natrii Hypochloriti treatment the tests made by the method of  Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) prove the dissapearance of hepatitis virus from the blood serum of almost the half of the treated patients with viral hepatitis B and viral hepatitis C. The virus in the blood serum of 3 patients from  the group of 4 patients (who became «PCR-negative» after one course of Natrii Hypochloriti monotherapy) is not detected a year later, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 years later and even longer. These patients have got proved prolonged virulicide effect of Natrii Hypochloriti, that means the complete recovery from viral hepatitis.

One more quarter  of all the patients with hepatitis B and C (who didn't become «PCR-negative» after one course of Natrii Hypochloriti therapy) have a cosiderable decrease of viral load (by hundreds and thousands of times), that is tested by the method of PCR. At the same time the reduction of the level of antibodies is observed , whereas antibodies are the markers of replication of hepatitis virus. After the second  course of Natrii Hypochloriti treatment these positive effects can be now observed in the greater part of the patients.

It's important to say that Natrii Hypochloriti treatment of patients with viral hepatitis B and C  has a reliable positive influence on hepatogenic intoxication indices (cytolytic, mesenchimal-inflammatory syndrome, lipid peroxidation level) and due to it patients feel appreciably better. Besides, antiviral Natrii Hypochloriti treatment doesn't  provoke side effects peculiar to recombinant interferons and nucleosides analogs.

The Deductions

Everything aforesaid proves that we can compare Natrii Hypochloriti with the most effective nowadays but extremely expensive preparations for specific ethiotropic therapy of viral hepatitis B and C.

The course of Natrii Hypochloriti treatment lasts only for 1,5 -3 weeks, it is tens of times cheaper than the standart therapy and at the same time it practically doesn't have any side effects. The effectiveness of Natrii Hypochloriti treatment was trustworthily proved among the greater part of patients with viral hepatitis B and C (54%).

The treatment of acute and chronic viral hepatites with Natrii Hypochloriti is a good alternative for those patients who are not able to pay for the course of treatment with recombinant interferons and nucleosides analogs or for those ones who had to give up the treatment with interferons because of serious side effects of  these preparations.

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